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What Is Mobile PT? Is It Right For Me?

Updated: May 31, 2022

As the world grows busier and people’s time becomes more valuable, many patients are electing to have their therapy delivered to their choosing. This means that instead of coming into the clinic, you can have your physical therapist drive to a location of your choosing. Here are just some of the key benefits to choosing this environment over the clinic:

  1. No drive time for you - instead of driving 20 min each way to the outpatient center, you can finish taking your dog on a walk, clean up the bathroom, or sit back and watch your new favorite show on Netflix. Also, gas is very expensive!

  2. Learn how to move in any setting you prefer - if you want to learn how to lift your water jug, climb into bed, or ensure your workstation is set up properly, we can assist you in any setting that is giving you hassle.

  3. More 1 on 1 time - when you elect for this service, the PT is now giving you their undivided attention for up to a full hour.

  4. Immunocompromised patients - if you or a loved one is at a higher risk for covid-19 infection, this option may be best for you as we are all screened before each session and will cancel if any exposure occurs. Most personal protection equipment is available for use for therapists and patients to their liking.

If you would like to schedule or know more regarding this opportunity, please call or email us with the information below!

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